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In this 10-minute video:

  • I show you how simple it is to integrate Sendiio with PageDyno
  • I reveal TWO of my FAVORITE kind of backgrounds to use that have gotten my the HIGHEST optin rates
  • I reveal one "trick" that I use to increase my optin rates even MORE..
  • I talk about EACH upgrade offer that you'll see (I pushed REALLY hard for one of them)
  • AND I even offer a VERY special bonus towards the end of the video 🙂
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Bonus #1: Zamurai Video Blueprint WhiteLabel ($97 Value)

In this bonus you're gonna be able to completely rebrand my Zamurai Video Blueprint course and give it away for FREE or as a bonus, to quickly build your email list. I've used this PDF myself to get over 10,000 subscribers onto my list!

Nothing is more powerful than offering something of high quality to build a list of fans that are ready to buy from you. Use this in conjunction with Page Dyno and you got the ultimate recipe for success.

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Here you're gonna get a huge collection of emails that I've personally written that has allowed me to profit millions of dollars online over the last 4 years. Studying these emails alone will give you a huge insight into how to write emails that sell.

Bonus #3: 7 Types of Emails You Can Use To Sell Anything ($97 value)

Not only are you getting my email swipe files above, but I'm also gonna throw in a very powerful PDF course from a good friend of mine that reveals 7 of the most powerful types of emails you can use to sell just about anything. You'll get the EXACT templates to follow and why they're so effective.

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