Part 2: Using Micro-Commitments To Skyrocket Your Profit and Conversions!

I've decided To Take Down My Bonus TONIGHT
When Clocks Hits ZERO!

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FOUR, NEW, Exclusive Bonuses!

NEW Bonus #1: Done-For-You Sendiio Commission Funnel

Yup, I'm working TOGETHER with Jason to build a CUSTOM Sendiio micro-funnel!

This will be a POWERFUL 4-step survey funnel that leads people directly down a micro-funnel for them to purchase Sendiio through YOUR LINK!

AND of course I'll be approving ALL requests to promote Sendiio right away which is one of the BIGGEST hurdles to overcome when you're a 'newbie'.

ANOTHER Powerful Bonus: Done-For-You Sendiio LIST Building Funnel

I spoke to Jason AGAIN, and I asked him if he can create TWO Sendiio micro-funnels
for us..

And he AGREED!

So now:

- You'll have one that leads people to purchase Sendiio via YOUR LINK

- You'll have one that leads people to download the PDF Report I mention in Bonus #3 so that you can build your LIST!

New Bonus #2: 3 ADDITIONAL Done-For-You Funnels

I'm NOT supposed to be mentioning this yet, but I've been able to get them to throw in THREE EXTRA done-for-you funnels for 3 OTHER high-converting offers.

So now you'll be getting NINE in total!

- The 5 that already come with your purchase
- the EXCLUSIVE Sendiio one I'm building with them
- the 3 EXTRA ones they're building FOR YOU

New Bonus #3: Use the same Sendiio PDF Report I'll be using..

I've just hired a PREMIUM content writer to put together a HIGH-QUALITY PDF Report that  I'll be using to get MORE leads for Sendiio.

This report is easily going to cost me 300-400 bucks..

It's going to be the PERFECT Freebie for getting leads AND getting people to purchase Sendiio through YOUR LINK as well!

If you pick up Preequall, I'll be giving you FULL access to use this PDF for yourself as well!!

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