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Hey guys, Josh here again and on this page,

I want to simplify your road to Sendiio success and put you on the FAST lane!

What if you could bypass all the technical set up of setting up your SMTP, having to deal with settings in your cpanel and having to install snippets of code etc?

Setting up ALL the technical aspects inside of your account can be a REAL NIGHTMARE if you're NOT tech savvy even though we walk you through every step of the process inside of the Sendiio members area.

Also, with the main account that you already purchased, we greatly recommend that you slowly warm up your account over time so that the IP address that you'll be sending from doesn't get blocked by the major Email Service Providers and prevents your emails from being delivered!

But what if you could bypass ALL of that?

What if you can login to Sendiio and start using it right away by leveraging our seasoned IP address and SMTP servers?

No messing around with any SMTP integrations yourself

No having to install any DKIM, DMARC or SPF code

No having to set up a bounce removal email

NONE of the technical set up that's required with our agency account

On this page you can access our Sendiio Elite package where you'll be using OUR servers and SMTP details to send your campaigns - just like ALL the other major autoresponders like Aweber and Get Response!

All You Have To Do Is Literally:

That is it! Secure MUCH Better and FASTER Deliverability by using our seasoned IP address and already warmed up server...

Which ultimately leads to MORE PROFIT
hitting your account MUCH faster!

It Literally takes seconds to get connected to our premium, dedicated IP addresses and seasoned servers and you can start sending your campaigns right away!

All you have to do to connect to our SMTP sending system is follow TWO simple steps:


Input The Email And "Reply-To" Email You Want Want To Send From and then click “ADD”


Assign Your NEW Elite Account to your different Email Lists!



But what if you could bypass ALL of that?

It’s truly THAT simple to leverage OUR system to set EVERYTHING up for you and connect to OUR PREMIUM and seasoned SMTP Sending System!

At this point you might be wondering, "Josh I would LOVE to bypass the entire SMTP set up process and just use your proven, and seasoned sending system, but how much is it?"

And if you're thinking that we're probably going to charge what all the other major autoresponders charge on a monthly basis, you'd be right.

“$49/month for a MAXIMUM of 5,000 subscribers”

“Capped at 5,000 subscribers AGAIN for $49 EVERY month”

“Send 150,000 emails per month for $87/month”

The big name brands charge these monthly
prices for a REASON!

It takes A LOT of money, time and resources to keep a premium sending system like this up and running.

Not to mention the maintenance and upkeep that comes along when you have thousands of users relying on your platform to process their campaigns..

And just like the BIG NAME brands... Our system comes packed with:

Multiple dedicated IP addresses for AMAZING inboxing

DKIM and SPF records already taken care of for you for amazing delivery right into your subscribers inbox

Bounce and complaint monitoring built in and handled for you

ZERO technical set up on your part

and much much more..

As I showed you in the demo, you literally just connect your domain, and GO! THAT's why we WILL be charging the premium monthly fees that the big name brands do

However, since you're one of our early-adopter, we're offering MASSIVE discounts on our packages for the next week ONLY!

You'll be able to secure our premium monthly package at a MASSIVE discount. But once the discount expire, it's GONE for good - NO exceptions!

So make sure you go below this video and choose the package that's right for you.

And of course you're covered by our 30-day money back guarantee. If for some reason, you're not satisfied with using our premium sending system, just shoot us an email and we'll cancel your account immediately and refund you right away.

Go ahead and choose your package below

[No Thanks] I rather NOT use your seasoned SMTP account and prefer to set it all up myself on my own accounts.