"Work LESS AND Profit MORE by Easily Outsourcing Your Campaigns Without EVER Compromising Your Leads"

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30-day Money-Back Guarantee | One-Time Payment | Over 77% Discount

Hey guys, josh here once again. And on this page...

I have a MAJOR problem that you've probably already encountered or WILL encounter at some point in the future..

Because you see..

EVERYONE that does list marketing, be it email, text, and/or Facebook Messenger gets to a point where it's time to outsource the creation, scheduling and sending of your campaigns - so that you can focus on what's more important like generating more leads and sales

It's inevitable. Some of you are already there, some of you almost there, and some of you are just getting started, but will be there soon.

However, one of the BIGGEST problems with ALL other major autoresponders is...

The inability to outsource your list marketing while simultaneously protecting your leads

The horror stories of how marketers and businesses have had all their leads stolen are endless! Can you just imagine?

You spend all this time, energy and money:

Building up your lists

Building a relationship with those subscribers

Gaining their trust..

And then someone you thought you trusted decides to export your entire database and starts sending out promotional email after promotional email and completely DESTROYS your reputation.

Talk about a nightmare, right?

Well, that's why I decided for Sendiio to be the FIRST and ONLY Autoresponder..

...that will allow you to create sub-accounts and allow someone to create, schedule and send campaigns on your behalf without EVER compromising your leads.

Allow me to introduce you to our VA License Feature.

Our VA Feature ensures that you can leverage the power of outsourcing, while protecting your most valuable asset, your subscribers!

And you can literally create a unique sign up link for your VA in just 2 simple steps.

AND if at ANY point you need to revoke their access, just simply click “DELETE!” Talk about awesome, right? I could easily charge a hefty monthly or annual fee for this UNIQUE feature that's EXCLUSIVE to Sendiio.

NO OTHER autoresponder has this feature!

We built it to protect our own business and now you can benefit from it as well.

And as our early-adopter of Sendiio, you can unlock this feature inside of your account at the insane, one-time, discounted price you see below.

ANNND to make it even better

I'm going to extend it to be our UNLIMITED VA license without ANY additional charge

This means you'll be able to add as MANY virtual assistants to your account as you'd like! We could've easily put a limit of 1 or 2 VA licenses on this upgrade offer, but again, as an early-adopter you get some benefits that NO ONE else will get.

So make sure you hit the discount button you see below and lock in your Unlimited VA license now.

And of course you're covered by our 30-day money back guarantee. if for some reason, you don't think this feature is right for you, just email our support and we'll give you 100% of your money back - no questions asked.

Go Ahead And Hit The Discount Button Below!

Unlock Our Sendiio VA License Now

For Only $197 One-Time Payment

(This is a VERY limited-time offer and can increase or expire at ANY time)

Sendiio VA License

30-day Money-Back Guarantee | One-Time Payment | Over 77% Discount

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