And That's A WRAP! Here's the FINAL Update


Sendiio has ended up being an INCREDIBLE launch and it's ALL thanks to you!

Although we did NOT hit our $1M Goal in 5.5 days, we did accomplish so VERY cool things:

- Sendiio is the FIRST launch to simultaneously do 6-figures on JVZOO and W+
- Sendiio is the first launch in a VERY long time to NOT allow teams

So we busted 2 BIG myths. Many people think you HAVE to stick to 1 network to have a successful launch.

AND many people feel they HAVE TO have teams for affiliates to push HARD.

I think we opened the doors for some VERY cool things to come in the near future from other launches and vendors 🙂

And NOW let's get into the numbers:

$206,919 in sales on JVZOO
$135,438.75 in sales on W+
4,129 sales on JVZOO
2,610 sales on W+
7 affiliates with 5-figure promos
31 affiliates with 4 figure promos
and "too-many-to count" affiliates with 3 figure promos! 

In total that's:

$342,375.75 in total sales
6,739 total sales

I'll take that any day of the week 🙂


And Now Here are the FINAL Leaderboards!

Main Leaderboard!

Paul Ponna

Martin Crumlish

Jono Armstrong

Offline Sharks

Richard Fairbain

Promote Labs

Todd Gross

Mario Brown

Jamie Ohler

Mosh Bari

Phase 3 Leaderboard

Jamie Ohler

Martin Crumlish

Promote Labs

Paul Ponna

Richard Madison

Jono Armstrong

Omar And Melinda Martin

Mario Brown

Keith Dougherty

Michael Agene

Phase 2 Leaderboard

Paul Ponna

Promote Labs

Martin Crumlish

Todd Gross

Richard Fairbain

Jono Armstrong

Offline Sharks

Mosh Bari

Richard Madison

Brett Rutecky

Phase 1 Leaderboard

Paul Ponna

Jono Armstrong

Martin Crumlish

Offline Sharks

Richard Fairbain

Todd Gross

Mario Brown

Ben Murray

Promote Labs

Mosh Bari

+ Honoroable Mentions!

Ankur Shukla, Misan Morrison, Oliver Goodwin, SD Akram,Paul Venables, Alex Weber, Steve Benn, Madhav Dutta, Nick And Tony, Daniel Tan, Adeel Chowdry, Jai Sharma, Mike From Maine, Samuel Marco, Xavier Vauluisant, Karthik Ramani, Sam Bakker, LetX, Brett and Mo, Han Fan, Daniel Ade, Stan Cosmin, Dr. Alex, Austin Ejem, Mo Miah, Venkata Ramana, Pat. E. Nick, John Zakaria, Gareth Lamb, Pivotal Marketing Ventures, Yogesh Agarawl, Matt Bush, Danny And Kim Devries, Adrian and Christian, Anthony Mancuso, Daniel Tan, Ron Douglas, Josh Ratta, Cyril Jeet, Sam England, Victory Akpo, Anthony Aires, Tim Walker, Patlex, Dr. Amit, Justin Opay and many many more!!

Whether you sent 1 sales or 600! Thank you for the support!

Sendiio Launch Updates!

Phase 3, NEW Bonus, NEW Coupon +
Phase 2 Winners!

Wow! Yet another fight to the very end for the phase 2 contest!!!

Literally 150 in sales is what separated #1 from #2 and 400 in sales from #3 to #1!

It was an insane 3-way battle to the VERY end!

But want to know the BEST part?

Phase 3 contest started right at midnight, so we have yet ANOTHER 5k top prize up for grabs!

Prizes for that are

  • $5,000
  • $2,000
  • $700
  • $500
  • $200

It started at 00:00 today and goes to the 26th at the end of day midnight so 23:59:59.

The Plan for TODAY:

- We've got a HOT new bonus that you can use
- We've got a NEW coupon code you can send out
- We've got the final 36 hours scarcity on your

Plus, I had to write a perfect swipe that you can use for today.

Check out the swipe here

We're onto the FINAL 36 hours, let's close this out strong!!



Add This Banner To Your Bonus Page

$221,710.93 in 48 hours (Phase 2 is LIVE)

Sendiio continues to be the GIFT that keeps on giving!

After just 48 hours Sendiio has delivered:

$97,355.12 gross on on W+
$124,355.71 gross on ZOO

1,928 total sales on W+
2,576 total sales on ZOO

$6.51 EPC on W+
$8.85 EPC on ZOO

That tally's up to:

$221,710.83 total in just 48 hours!
4,504 total sales.

PLUS, we've been rewarded with DOTD


THANK YOU all for the support so far

And we still have 3 WHOLE days to go!!

The PLAN for today:

The Price Has increased to $57, BUT we have active coupons on BOTH networks.
"get50ff" for JVZOO and for W+ it's built-in to the buy button so it'll show $57, but once they click to purchase it automatically drops to $52 upon checkout.

PUSH THESE COUPONS for those who missed out!

Plus, I just wrote a VERY powerful swipe that will gives your subscribers a 6-figure gamplan for 2019!

Check out that swipe here

Official Phase 2 Winners!

#1 Secured Phase 2 by EXACTLY $154.79! Another $5,000!

#2 Promote Labs I was literally at the edge of my seat until the END!! Hell of a battle! $2,000!

#3 Martin Crumlish - You battled with the guys above to the VERY end as well! $700 to you

#4 Todd Gross - Amazing push!! $500 secured!

#5 Richard Fairbain - letting the guns loose! $200!

#6 Jono Armstrong - still dropping sales even with your own launch going on!

#7 Offine Sharks - Still dropping some crazy sales!

#8 Mosh Bari - Another leaderboard! Good or bad?

#9 Richard Madison: Jumping in late and has eye on the prize!

#10 Brett Rutecky - Mr. Mailit himself! 🙂

And the OVERALL Contest is looking like this:

#1 Paul Ponna

#2 Jono Armstrong

#3 Martin Crumlish

#4 Offline Sharks

#5 Richard Fairbain

#6 Todd Gross

#7 Mario Brown

#8 Jeremy Gislason

#9 Ben Murray

#10 Ankur Shukla

142k in 24 hours (FIRST leadearboard)

WOW!! Truly speechless right now..

Sendiio is absolutely SMOKIN'!

As of typing this (6AM):

Sendiio has done:

$60,684 gross on on W+
$68,304 gross on ZOO

1,214 total sales on W+
1,428 tota sales on ZOO

$6.94 EPC on W+
$9.24 EPC on ZOO

That tally's up to:

$128,988 total in just 19 hours!
2,642 total sales.


We're now at $142,132 in 24 hours
2,917 total sales

PLUS, we've been rewarded with DOTD!

(hopefully we can get POTD too, but I know it's tough when it's not an exclusive launch)

That is an amazing START so far 🙂

THANK YOU all for the support..

And we still have 4 WHOLE days to go!!

The PLAN for today:

We have a MAJOR price increase today at 23:59:59 to 52 for personal and 57 for agency.

PUSH this scarcity today!

It's as simple as adding a new intro to your swipe from yesterday.

You can use this simple intro:

Subject line: [warning] the first MAJOR price increase is today

Did you miss picking up Sendiio yesterday?

If so, you'll want to pick this up today.


The first MAJOR price increase happens TODAY
at midnight. (and it's only going up from there
every couple days)

So if you want to pick up the first and ONLY
autoresponder that combines the power of Email,
text and FB messenger under one dashboard with
ZERO monthly fees..

...ANNNDD get it at the BEST possible price,
I suggest you do it today.

(link to bonus page - or to offer)

If you missed my email from yesterday, find it below:

(insert your email from yesterday)


And that's it. Mostly all my second day mails are
as simple as that and it works wonders.

Phase 1 Winners!!!

#1 Paul Ponna Pulled away in the last couple hours!! $5,000!

#2 Jono: Put up one HECK of a battle! $2,000!

#3 Martin Crumlish: Entertaining house guests while crushing boards! $700!

#4 the Offline Sharks:  Came up JUST short vs Martin! $500!

#5 Richard Fairbain:  Put up a HECK of a fight for vs Martin and Offline Sharks too! $200

#5 Todd Gross:  ready for phase 2? 🙂

#6 Mario Brown:  your list is loving this now!

#7 Ben Murray:  phase 2 has your name on it!

#8 PromoteLabs:  Movin' on up with plans to win phase 2!

#9 Mosh Bari:  cracked 100+ sales and making a move for phase 2!

#10 Andrew Darius: Can easily win Phase 2!

Just outside the Phase 1 top 10:

  • Ankur Shukla
  • Misan Morrison
  • Paul Venables
  • Oliver Goodwin
  • Brett Rutckey
  • Madhav Dutta
  • Robd1302?
  • Adeel Chowdry
  • and many many more..