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If you thought our VA license was awesome, wait until you see what we have on this page. On this page you're going to be able to automate a VERY powerful technique that ALL the top marketers use in their email marketing campaigns to easily

DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your profits in just

Do you have any idea what that technique could be? It's sending out another email to those people who did NOT open your initial email..

See, most marketers send out their promotional emails during the day. However, they're probably reaching about 10-30% of their entire list with that first email. So for example, if you have a list of 1,000 people, the email you send out at 11 AM is going to be seen by about 300 people.

That leaves another 700 people that for one reason or another, DID NOT open your email.

  • Maybe they were at work
  • They just prefer to check their emails in the evening time
  • Picking up their kids
  • Or a PLETHORA of other reasons that prevented them from seeing your morning email...

So what just about every BIG NAME marketer does is

Send an email in the evening time specifically to those 700 people that DID NOT open the morning email - and usually with a slightly different subject line

To continue with our example…

If your first email was sent at 11 AM, this second email is usually sent in the evening time between 7pm and 10PM.

The reason this strategy is so powerful is because this evening email will reach an ADDITIONAL 70-210 subscribers that missed your first email - and will usually double or triple your profit!

However, the MAJOR problem with most autoresponders is that you actually have to login to your account in the evening time and schedule that second email to be sent.

Many times, this can be a major pain in the butt if you're:

  • Caught up doing other things
  • Spending time with your family
  • Having dinner
  • Or anything else that could prevent you from reaching that evening time audience and making even MORE sales..

So we decided to AUTOMATE this process

Yup, we are the first and ONLY autoresponder that allows you to schedule BOTH of these emails to be sent out under the SAME campaign completely HANDS FREE!

Sendiio will send out your 1st email at your desired time, AND you'll be able to automatically tell Sendiio how many hours AFTER your morning email, you'd like your evening email to be sent to those that DID NOT open the 1st email.

And you'll also be able to set a different subject line to be used as well! Sendiio allows you to schedule a full days worth of profit under ONE campaign!

We've called it our Sendiio Booster feature
Let me show you how easy it is to implement this feature:

Talk about awesome, right?

You'll now have the most profitable trick that all the big name marketers use in the palm of your hands AND have it be fully-automated!

NO OTHER PLATFORM has a feature like this!

This Feature is 100% unique to Sendiio and we could easily charge hundreds of dollars to unlock this

Heck, it'll easily make you a positive ROI the first time you use it - I can almost Guarantee it! However as I've been saying in ALL these videos, you're one of our charter-members, which allows you to get extra perks and discounts.

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Plus, as with all our other offers, you're covered by our 30-day money back guarantee. If our Sendiio Booster feature doesn't make you a positive ROI on your first 3 campaigns, just send us an email and we'll give you a FULL refund - NO QUESTIONS ASKED

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Unlock Our Sendiio Booster Now

For Only $197 One-Time Payment

(This is a VERY limited-time offer and can increase or expire at ANY time)

Sendiio Booster

DOUBLE-Your-Money-Back Guarantee | One-Time Payment | Over 70% Discount

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